Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NO!!!! Quilt guild longarm videos

I can not believe that technology, usually my friend, kicked me in the ass last night.
I did interviews with all 3 of the guild's long arm quilters.  I edited it, I added music, I added them all together.  I then hooked my laptop up to a big tv.  No sound. I call in my tech guy (thanks Scott).  He uninstalls drivers, downloads others, gets me sound.  I run to the meeting, test drive it all when I get it hooked up, all is good!!  So then it is my time.  I move the whole thing and guess what, NO SOUND!!  I call Scott and he arrives with in 5 min.  We put the sound back to the laptop (hardly can hear it) and we watch the video.  I say watch because the voices are not loud.  We could hear a couple, but not well.  I was very very disappointed.  And I am going to be doing more next month.  I bet I will have 2 back ups next month.  It will not happen again!!
But that being said, the girls were some quiet.  They didn't even move.

So I go to upload the video onto my blog and guess what, too big. So I upload it to You Tube.  6 hour upload.  Leave the pc running.  Next day no video, guess what??  It is too big for You tube.  So I am forgetting about it until tomm.  I can upload the video in smaller parts.  Guess I got kicked again!!

Until the next stitch!!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah youtube has a ten minute limit. Try Vimeo.

    And it will takes aaaages to upload, that's normal. Even on high speen connections.

    Can't wait to see it though!