Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Things I learn. Stay stitching

I have been quilting for what seams like forever. I usually think I know about quilting in general. Then I learn some new trick and I am amazed!! I usually do not finish my own quilts. I send them out to be quilted. Lately I have decided that I want to do more of the quilty things that I don't like to do.
A while back I heard a friend of mine, Mrs Red Quilts, do a talk to a guild about how to prepare your quilts for long arm machine quilting. She mentioned that we should stay stitch the body of our quilts before the borders are added. It was also mentioned that stay stitching before quilting will make it more accurate. Since then I have quilted a small paper pieced project. I was amazed at how the stay stitching helped keep everything flat.
Now I am having an issue with a quilt that has stretchy fabric. I stay stitched it and now it is solid. Amazing how something do simple could be missed by "an experienced" quilter!!!
Until the next stitch

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Flowers and dogs

I have not felt good all week.  I did get a bit of sewing done.  I finished my pai9nt chip challenge and taken the pictures so I can show you all.  Next Monday is the day for that.  I have been working on my mystery quilt.  Down to one seam to finish the body and then on to the borders.  I had some seam allowance problems so I am going to take my time and do it right. 
I took this picture earlier in the week.  Funny if you have enough weeds they can look pretty!!

I did get lots of work done in the Gardens, all of them.  I have 4 flower gardens and now I have a planted vegetable garden.  I still have some additions, but for the most part they are ready. 

I noticed a couple weeks ago that we have a cute little bird nest in the eve of one of the out buildings.  If you go near it, the birds fly's away.  So today I got out the big camera and the big lens and took these of the bird and then looked around.  What cute dogs I have!!

Until the next stitch!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dazzling Stars - Like a need a new project

I have this little facebook group called The Sew and Sews.  It started almost a year ago, where I asked some of my long time quilting friends if they wanted to do a Block of the Month.  It is called Kaleidoscope of Kolor and it is the most in depth BOM I have ever seen.  I knew that without some others taking this project on, I would never finish it.  We made 16 blocks on month, 52 flying geese another.  We are getting close to the finish of it now. Month 11 starts in June.
Here is a picture of it on a white background.

I am making this out of bali fabric.  I am making the big one (100") and a smaller version (50").  But I tend to jump into things with both feet.  Here is the quilt on a black background.

Yeah, it is gorgeous.  So I am making a big and little one of these also. 
So I changed the name of my facebook club.  Seemed that in a couple months the name will make no sense because we will be finished this.  So I renamed it The Sew and Sews.  Why am I mentioning this??  Because we are getting ready to start a new project.  I saw this quilt a couple months ago.  I am calling it Dazzling Stars, but it is really called Glory Bound, designed by Paula Barnes. You can find the pattern on her site, or click this link.   Here is what it looks like:

So we have started gathering fabric for this one.  I hosted a 6" charm swap in preparation for what seems like the million charms required to make this bigger.  I have adapted the pattern to make it a lot bigger.  It requires 144 colored 6" charms.  Here is what I have chosen do far:

And I have chosen 50 background charms so far.  I bought this from Keepsake Quilting.  They are beautiful.
I did a lot of work outside in the flower bed on the weekend.  I still have lots to do, but they are looking great.  I took some pictures.  Here are a couple.

Until the next stitch!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am a winner

I am a blog winner.  One of the things I love about blogging is that I get to enter all kinds of giveaways.  I read quite a lot of blogs.  I received a message a week or so ago saying that I had won a book!!  Yeah!!  It is a great book, full if ideas more than patterns.  I like books like that.  You get an idea and it shows you how to run with the idea.  This is just that kind of book.

I won this book from the Double Nickel Quilt Challenge Blog  - Check it out.  Thank you so much Candace

I seem to think I have nothing to say on my blog most of the time.  But then I sit down to do it and I have a ton of stuff to share.  Here is my baby doggie

I have been working on my paint chip challenge this weekend.  It is a challenge from my guild, where i received 3 random paint chips and I was to find fabric that matches and make something out of it.  I can not show you the front, but I quilted it on the weekend and here is the back

Here is part of the label

So I guess that will be all for today.  Until the next stitch!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keswick Ridge Guild Meeting!

If you ever get a chance to go to another Guild's meeting, DO IT!!  I have never been to a guild meeting except my own guild.  A friend of mine was going and asked if I wanted to tag along, I said yes.  But I felt kind of like I was cheating!  So off we went.  This was in the lobby.  Love it!

Keswick Ridge Quilters have a blog all of there own now. 

Here are some pictures that I took. 


 The last one is mine. I had never seen anyone else make it!!
Until the next stitch!!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend success

Well I cut out a new quilt project Friday night. I was lucky enough to spend about five hours in the sewing room Saturday and another three today. I am almost done!! Got all sashings made and will have all the rows done in less than half an hour. I am amazed at how well it went together.
Wonder why there are no pictures of it? Think I'm being a tad mysterious? You would be correct. I am doing program next year and one of the things we are presenting is a mystery quilt. I also wanted to make it bigger ( no surprise to my support group sewing friends). So not only have I made the top this weekend, I am confirming my math. I am impressed.
I also worked on my paint chip challenge. I was given three paint chips, had to match fabric and make something. I paper pieced a little something but just got the paper off tonight. Need to finish, but I decided how I am going to quilt it. Here is a picture of my paint chips and fabric. Dig that orange!

I am gathering 5" charms for another quilt that I am making with my Facebook group, The Sew and Sews. This is a picture of 50 of the background charms.

And last but not least. As I was almost home, I had to stop the truck and let the chickens get off the road! Really. Neighbors have free chickens!
I am lucky enough to be going to a guild meeting as a guest. I am excited. Taking good camera so maybe I will have pictures!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Progress made

The deal is made and complete. I got the other block finished on my little sewing group block of the month. I am not only current on this one, I have the quilt finished except that last row. So when I finish the last 2 blocks I will just have to add the last sashings and attach it to the body and finished!!

So guess what? I get to start a new project tonight!!!! I am excited. I can work on it until the end of the month. Then back to my list of commitments. So maybe I can make it in that amount of time. I am thinking I can!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Month 10 BOM and fabric in

I am in trouble. I am making 5 block of the months, that's not the trouble haha. I am in month 10 of all of them. I posted 3 pics of my kalidascope of Kolor, and I have finished the last set. So I am current on all 4. The other block of the month I am making is a star quilt with my guild sewing group. I made block 9 of it this morning. I am attaching a picture.

So what is my trouble? I tend to not want to finish things, put it away because it is almost done. I love to start things, not finish. That may be why I am also know as the Queen of UFO's
So I have made a deal with myself. If I finish what I HAVE to make, I can start something else!! Sounds reasonable, right. So yesterday I was looking at fabric and came home with a lot of pretty fabric. I am attaching a picture. I love the gear fabric. So if I can finish one more block for the block of the month, I am diving in!!
So I have a question for you!! Do you make "deals" with yourself to keep you on track? What kind of a system do you use to keep from overwhelming yourself? Or am I just plain crazy for doing this much :)?

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I kind of forgot that I was having a give away.  I said I would draw 2 winning names the first of the month!!  Better late than never.  So here we go.  First pattern prize goes to:

1,2,3...# 9 is Doreen Antworth!!  and the other winner is :

10, 11, # 12 is my new friend Janet!!  She has a blog, check it out

Thanks for all the kind words that you left on my pattern!!

Month 10 of my Kaleidoscope of Kolor Block of the month

I have been working on 5 Block of the Months, for 10 months.  I have a small Facebook group called The Sew and Sews and we have been working on a Block of the Month called Kaleidoscope of Kolor.  Here is a picture of the pattern.  One is full sized (100" and the smaller one is 50")  I am making 4.  2 big and 2 small. 

Month 10, I can see the end in sight, finally.  Now comes the hard part, I want to start more projects.  But I have made a deal with myself, get these done (and the other BOM that I am doing)  for Month 10 and then I can work on something else.  These will be borders.  So I have been in the sewing room working away.  I did get 3 sets done already!!

While I was working away my son came by and grabbed my phone.  He started taking random pictures around the sewing room.  Most of them did not come out, but I thought this was an interesting shot of me sewing.

 He also took this picture.  The Good Luck Green Flying frog was a gift from Aunt Tannie, she gave it to Clay when she came back Abroad.  He lives in my sewing room now, keeps an eye on my fabric!!  I think Clay is squishing his head!!

 I took a course at the Quilt shop last week.  I have never been very excited about machine quilting.  But I have decided that I need to work on the quilting things that I do not like.  So I took a beginners class last week.  I did not get much practicing done, but here is an example of what I did get done.

And  I also have this panel to practice on when I get brave and want to do more.

 Now as some of you know, my bills get paid because I am the Manager of a Pawn Shop.  Some of the things we see are with out a doubt funny.  This fella has his picture taken by me often.  He loads his hand cart with everything from entertainment stands, queen sized beds and what ever else his mother in law buys from us.  In this picture he has a table on the back, a loveseat and on the love seat is the legs for the table and a 32' TV.   Hope it makes you giggle too, til next time!!