Monday, April 30, 2012

Thank goodness for animals ....

Thank goodness for animals or I would have nothing to blog about.  I have been in the sewing room, but sharing a strange block in the middle of a block of the month is not that exciting.  I am working on 5 blocks of the month, all ending in the next 3 or 4 months.  I will share the eye candy then.  Saturday morning we helped friends move.  On the way back home we were driving along when I saw a bear.  The picture is not that great, but I did not think it was a good idea to try to get closer.  It did not even know we were there.  The wind was blowing and he was scratching himself all over.  It was nice to watch.  

I cropped it up so you would see some of him :P

I dug in the dirt again this weekend.  I do not remember us ever having such an early spring here in New Brunswick Canada.  I have 4 cleaned out flower beds, I even have growing things in there.  Way to early to plant any seeds or even get near the vegetable garden.  But I am ready when that time arrives.  I had another couple blooms out there.  I love little white flowers, like theses!!

And last but not least, I thought I should try to take some kind of a quilty picture for the "QUILT BLOG"  My mother, bless her soul, made this Jenny Beyer made this Trip Around The World quilt for me.  I absolutely love love love her fabric.  It hangs on my dining room.  It is a full sized quilt, but I will never use it.  So it is proudly displayed in all it's glory.  Oh yeah, this is me in front of it :P  Til next time

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jelly Roll Race!!

Well the race is on.  At the Gathering of the Guilds last week, there were some samples of the Jelly Roll race.  I had never heard of it.  My friend from Red Quilts told me about it.  I watched the You Tube video and the race was on!!  So I went to my local quilt store, The Christmas Crab Quiltery and they had two choices of jelly rolls.  This is what I decided to use.

So I went home last night, finished up a block of the month I was working on, and then I sewed and sewed and sewed.  Here is what I got in the end.

I am sorry to say, I think it is the ugliest thing I have ever made.  I am thinking I should of waited and got another fabric line.  That being said, I have decided to sell it.  I have never sold a quilt before.  I am taking a machine quilting refresher course next week.   It will be a perfect piece to practice free motion quilting on.  So I am going to find a border fabric tonight so I can finish the top.  So do you agree???  Is it ugly to you???

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crazy week, dogs & kid!

Please go to the giveaway blog to sign up.  It will not count if you comment here.

Well good news!! Mom got out of the hospital Tuesday.  She is doing better than she has in a long time.  I think it was all those good wishes out there.  That is a big relief!!

Wednesday was  my only and favorite son's 13th birthday.  I dyed my hair to celebrate LOL
On my way to work I saw a moose.  I saw it and got ahead of it and got video and pictures.  I then put them all together with this new app I have on my phone.  As my blog suggests I love moose.  Here is the video I shot, with pictures and then more video.  My friends all say the way I talk to a moose is pure Janet :)

I got together Wednesday night for sewing with the girls, do no sewing at all.  Had a great chat with the girls and I really enjoyed seeing Red Quilt's new addition, Grace, in person.   Then, guess what I saw on the way home?????? Can you see it??

Saturday I got to spend some time working in my flower gardens.  Clay, the 13 year old birthday boy, was having his friend Ryan over for a sleep over.  They were driving the 4 wheeler around most of the afternoon.  I took Pink Pincushion's advice and downloaded Picasa 3 to make this picture of my flower gardens. 

 As you can see I have one dog that loves to be in the middle of everything.  This is Molly and I made a collage of her

 My other and older dog Indy does not care.  He would rather run away.  Here is what I got of him.

To finish off the week :( 
My son and friend comes walking home, no wheeler.  Apparently Clay was driving backwards too fast, turned too quick and flipped it.   So off to the hospital we go.  Clay has a mild concussion, yes they had their helmets on.  Clay had blood work, chest X-Ray, Ultra Sound and a Ct scan.  Ryan on the other hand, has a broken right arm.  There are two bones between your elbow and shoulder, he broke one of them.  It is a clean break so they sent him home with a sling and some pain meds.  Today has been quiet, thank goodness.    Maybe some sewing this week!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Well my mother is still in the hospital and we still do not know what is wrong with her.  We know a whole bunch of things that are not wrong.  More test to come.  She seems to be feeling better but is still having some pain.  She is in the right place, I am sure they will keep going until they figure it out.
On a better note.  I finished up my patterns this week.  They are printed and stuffed into bags.  The Woodstock Quilt Guild hosted a gathering this weekend.  The Gathering of the Guilds is held every 2 years.  Every guild in the province comes together and shares what they have been doing.  It is a great way to keep up on new things and share with some great people.  At this gathering were 4 merchants.  I haven't checked in with the local quilt shop yet, but I saw someone buy my pattern.  I also had lots of members comment on the pattern.  I talked to another merchant that was here and she bought 12 patterns!!!  Yeah!!  I am so excited and have another pattern running thru my head already :P
To celebrate the sale of my first pattern, I want to celebrate with you.  How better to celebrate then have a give away on my blog!!! So the first day of next month I will give away 2 patterns.  All you have to do is comment on this post.  You do not have to follow me, but I would love if you would.  If you have a blog, please post so others can have a chance to win!!  Good Luck!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sewing room Gang-Sta

Busy Buys Busy, story of my life.  This week has been exceptional.  My mother who is 67 years old, called Sunday night with chest pains and to the hospital we go.  She is still there and we are really no closer to knowing what is going on.  They have eliminated many many things, and we are hoping to have some info today when they read the CT scan.  
In between the running I finished my pattern.  I printed out all the black and white sheets on the home printer and had the color cover printed at the print shop.  I received the bags and I now have 50 stuffed and ready to go.  I have a class going on as well and we have confirmed the prices and such.  There is a Gathering of the Guilds here this weekend.  Representatives from each guild around the proving will be here to go over what each guild is doing.  So lets hope they buy lots of patterns and someone wants me to teach for them :P  After I get this over with I will announce a special give away on my blog to celebrate!!  Stay tuned
As for now, my son, Clay is quite a card.  He was following me around the house trying to get me going.  I was trying to stuff bags and he wanted to take my picture,  So he puts his hat on my head sideways and says that I am the sewing room Gang-sta!!  I look so impressed!!  Don't you think?!?!?!

turn your head I guess cause it will not upload right :(

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another sample finished, time to print the pattern

Sorry I have been absent, but let me tell you it is for a good cause.  Last weekend my boys were all out of the house, and I spent all my time in the sewing room.  I had no internet, again!  I have been working on making my own paper pieced pattern.  I made another sample last weekend.  I was impressed with my progress.  I totally finished the second sample.  I usually only make tops of quilts, so the fact I quilted and bound them is a stretch for me.  I really like this sample better than the first, and I really liked it!!  So now I have everything that I need.  I printed out the pattern today.  I am having my cover printed professionally, so I will have it done Monday.  I received the bags for the patterns to go into today!!  It is all falling together.  I had a friend design my logo too!!  I am going to add it to my blog.  Hope you like it.  So here is the picture.  PLEASE tell me what you think. I love feedback, constructive is the best.  Here is Star Right.