Sunday, December 2, 2012

The 2 Chocolate Quilts

I went on a big posting jag then left ya all!!  I am still here.  I have had an incredibly busy month.  I have kept up but the blog has suffered.  I will be posting the mystery clue 3 later this week.  There was no clue last month as I wanted to give you time to get caught up.  Or it was going to be given out and there was no clue for December. Just depends on how you look at it :P

I did design and finish 2 baby quilts.  I wanted to make a teal and chocolate quilt.  I bought too much fabric so I decided to make 2.  One is spoken, the other is just ahead. I have ordered the batts and will be quilting these myself.  Excited!!

Until the next stitch!!

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