Monday, January 28, 2013

Clue 4 mystery

Sorry to take so ling to get this posted, but here it is.

Clue 4

In this clue, we are going to start some block assembly.  So, there is no difference in the instructions for choice A and choice B.  The only difference is that choice A will be making 20 blocks, and choice B will make 30 blocks. 

You will need to dig out the Unit C (6 1/2" pieced squares) and your strip pieces of Unit D and Unit E from the last clue.  Keep them separated.

Take the unit C blocks.  pile them beside your machine, making sure that the last sewn strip is at the top and bottom.  Sew a Strip Unit D onto each side of the block.  Press towards the outside of block.

Next sew a Unit E to the top and bottom of your block.  Press out towards the border.  This is now called Unit F!!
Until the next stitch!!

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