Friday, January 3, 2014

A new year

I have been a very busy beaver.  I am very very motivated to get some projects done so I can start another :P
About 2 years ago I started 4 block of the months.  Kaleidoscope of Kolor it is called.   I decided to make a 100" black, 100" cream, 50" black and 50" cream one.  INSANE IN THE BRAIN!!
I have completely finished the big cream one.  The big black is finished except the label.  Here is the little
black one.


So she is going out for hand quilting.  So now I can get ready for Leah Day's Building block quilt along.  I am soooooooo excited.  I have talked about 9 of my friends to do it with me.  Just wish my fabric was not backordered.

Until the next stitch  


  1. This is amazing. I am also doing the class with her. Look forward to seeing you around.

  2. Yay! I'm super happy you will be joining in!

  3. You have a great eye for color :)