Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Teaching Time

Every winter I teach some kind of quilting class.  Usually it is what ever quilting technique that I am into.  Paper piecing, machine quilting, whatever. 
So I have been totally blown away with the Double Dresden technique.  I took a class from Susan Cleveland, over the summer and I have been hooked ever since.  So I decided to teach this technique this winter.

Designing Dresdens 

Class is Feb 21st, 2015 at 9am at
St Gertrude’s Church Hall in Woodstock. 
117 St Gertrude's Street

Taught by Janet Wright 
Home  phone ( evenings) 506 328-4387

You will learn not only how to make this project, but also how to use the design in any other pattern that you may want to make.  We are also going to learn how to make 3d flying geese.
Class fee : $35.00
Class requirements are listed below.  Please decide what project you will be making.  Your choice will determine what you need to bring to class

Class Supply List


--Fabric : Background, dresden fabric, cotton thread to match, batting and backing fabric (as you may get it quilted in class time).
 -- Sewing machine that has been recently cleaned.  fresh needle, bobbin, extension cord
-- Rotary cutting equipment (cutter, mat, ruler)
-- small scissors
-- extra machine needle, pins, seam ripper
--Pen for making notes


Dresden 18 degree ruler. They come in small and large, but we will be going over how to make templates as well so this is an optional.  I am willing to purchase the ruler for you for what it costs me if you pay before. 
small ruler - EZ Quilting ruler $8.00
large ruler - C&T Publishing Fast To Cut Dresden Plate Template Approx $13
Prairie Pointer Tool - Great for popping out the points and also for making dimensional flying geese.  They are running about $20 US and shipping depends on how many i order.  
Wooden or plastic finger pressing tool.

The fabric requirments will depend on what project you choose.  If in doubt bring extra.

Project 1 - SNOWFLAKE
  Fabric :  20" square for background
24"  square for backing.
24" square piece of good quality batting
Blue : 6 1/2" strip AND  3 1/2" strip
Lighter : 5" strip of fabric and a 4" piece

Option 2 : SPIN

Fabric : 1 yard for background
3 or 4 fabrics for dresden and geese
(1/4 or 1/2 yard cuts) 

Option 3 : one dresden

This can be done any size using any fabric.  I think it would look great in 30's fabric!!  
Background 1/2 yard
Dresdens : 5 or 6 colors (1/4 yard cut)

Get signed up for the class before it becomes full!!
Until the next stitch

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