Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pattern update and Carl

We thought we had a mouse in the house.  Saturday we figured out it was a mole.  As I was watching my 12 year old son play guitar hero, it run across his foot!!  We grabbed a glass and caught it.  His father came along and we left my son, Clay, in his room with said mole.  Before we had finished eating supper, I notice Clay going with a cap full of water and some cheese.  Minutes later he brings him out in a small tote and announces his name is Carl or Carla!!  When you are a red neck I guess you don't have to worry about a babysitter for your child, just catch a rodent and he will be amazed!! We went out dancing for a while, celebrating St Pat's day.  When I got home I looked in on Carl.  Clay had "gone into my scrap bag" and had sewn him a little cave of wool.  When I poked him, I did not see any movement.  The next morning Clay brought him out and declared he was not alive anymore! But his last hours were filled with cheese!  Here is Carl/Carla

As some of you may know, I am working on a pattern for a class that I am going to be teaching.  I thought it was a good opportunity for me to do what I love to do, design.  I sketched it out last week and then made it.  It worked to my amazement.  I guess I thought it would, but I was genuinely excited when it did!!  It is a beginners class, and I think this is a bit hard for that, but if I am teaching it, I should be able to walk them thu it.  I have the write up done for the paper piecing part of the class, and upon my quilt friends approval, I can start working on the pattern.  I have a ton of notes that need to be written up (or at least make sense to others).  I have the paper pulled off and I think it looks finished.  I was tempted to add another border.  Here it is:

So what do you think?  This is the first time I have done this, so any and all feedback will be appreciated.  The border is a bit wonky, but that was my fault (didn't follow my own instructions!).  I will make another as soon as I get the pattern written up.  I always like to test it at least twice.  I am looking forward to reading your reply!!!!!!!

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  1. RIP Carl :( lol Love the pattern! Make sure you charge lots! It's a lot of work writing all those notes! We'll talk about the border tomorrow night :) You rock Miss Paper Piecing Pattern Maker!