Friday, June 29, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Project sewalong #1 and applique

   I have been quilting since 1992, and recently I have been concentrating on the things in quilting that I do not usually do or like.  I realized in this journey that the reason I do not like to do some things, like applique, is because I do not do it well.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and if I can not do it well, I tend to learn it until I do it well, or abandon it.  So I am a great piecer, a great paper piecer, and an all around great sewer.  I send out all my tops to be finished because I do not quilt.  I do not applique, in fact I usually suck my friends into doing any applique that I NEED done. 
   Well enough of that!!  I have been "researching" Leah Day and her Free Motion Quilting Project (bottom on right).  I sat down last week and quilted my first quilt.  Then I meet Angela H.  Visit her blog here.  She posted on Leah's FB page that she was going to start the sew along the next day!!  So I shouted right out at her and now I have a FMQP buddy!!  She made her's on Monday and I couldn't wait to get in there Tuesday.  Now for those that do not know how it works, we get a sandwich of quilt and practice what she tells us to do.  I have learned that my stitches are not too bad, my fluid movements need a lot of work.  I am still putting some tension on my needle, but it was a lot better.  I did my sew along in red thread, so we could see it better.  I also used the elastic method for stretching it out, that worked out really well.

I like to end with something I ma good at.  I am not good at the big scale, but I do the small scale much much better!

After I finished that up I went on to a quilt that I had made a while ago.  I decided to do the jelly roll race.  I was not really happy with the fabric in the end, and in fact called it the most ugly quilt I have ever made.  I concluded that a big ugly flower would make it a mot nicer.  Applique, remember, I do not do that.


I was outside the other day in the rain.  Today was the first time the sun has been out in a week.


  1. The Angela I follow is at :)

  2. Okay, let's settle this once and for all lol! It is NOT the most ugliest quilt you have ever made( think of some of those millennium quilts haha) and those are NOT big ugly flowers but sweet charming flowers :) Let's just settle on "it's not the most favorite quilt you have ever made", which is because it's not your fabric style/colors. I say you have one awesome "gift in waiting" for someone who is going to love receiving it. Truce? LOL!