Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paint Chip Challenge

Guild was Monday night, but I was unable to attend.  So that means that this paint chip challenge is over for me and it is time to show you all of the  pictures.  For those that do not follow my blog, let me explain.  Our guild gave us 3 paint chips, various colors and I am thinking they are random.  With these paint chips we were to find fabric the same colors, and make something with it.  Here is my paint chips and the fabric I found.

Two are Jenny Beyer fabrics, the orange is not :)
I found a paper pieced pattern that I liked.

 Four of these blocks make one block

And four blocks make this:

And for binding??  Gotta use up that orange :P
 I quilted it myself, something that I am just getting into :P

And everything must have a label, so here is mine
Until the next stitch!!

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