Monday, July 2, 2012

TUSAL, FMQP Samples, sewalong 3 and 20

I know that I just posted the other day, but I have lots to share.  Yesterday I turned over the calendar, so I remembered that I am participating in the TUSAL.  It is the Totally Useless Stitch-a-long.  Click here to check it out.  I have done this for two months now.  I miss read the instructions the first time, thinking I was going to save scraps, but when I went to post it, I read it was thread.  Well I was in luck, I had kept both.  So I decided to continue keeping both.  I did not go thru as much scraps or thread this month.  I learned how to not waste thread when I am quilting. 


After I tuned the calendar, I got out one of the many block of the months I am working on.  I worked on it a bit yesterday but today my mind was racing to Leah Day's machine quilting.  So I decided to listen to sewalong #3.  My partner in crime is skipping it, and after I listened to it I also decided to skip it.  I could use more practice stippling, but I have been doing the scale check.  I have already figured out that I| do not like to quilt big, about 1/4" is nice for filler blocks.  So I ran to the sewing room, remembering that I had made 2 practice sandwiches yesterday.  So I decided to make the matrix design.  I used the edge of my foot as my guild and it really went well.


 Here is the matching side

That makes 2 samples now

Then I went outside and worked in the vegetable garden.  I re planted a lot of the carrots, the beans are doing great and some of the cukes I replanted have sprung.  The lettuce is ready and I need to give some away already!!

My boys have the tractor in the shop.  They went to their first Antique tractor pull Saturday, and we are all going this Saturday!!  Can't wait.  

So I ran back to the sewing room.  It seems that the new Expert in the SewCalGal challenge wants us to quilt in tiles this month.  I am up for that.  I will link to it when I start.  But what to sew.  She posted this cute modern quilt that she had quilted using this technique.   Leah Day is doing a modern quilt sewalong.  Taa Daa!!!!

So I pulled a nice Jinny Beyer gray for background and used the Joel Dewburry fabric that I had left over from the jelly roll race.  And then I just made some blocks.  I do not work well this way.  I am the kind of person that has a plan and has it all mapped out.  But I made myself just do it.  So I made 6 blocks of one, 2 of another and 4 of another.  Then I cut out one block of the pink fabric for badness!!  And then as I was looking at all the big scraps I was cutting off, I decided to start sewing them together until I had another block.  I started laying it out, and decided to not even think about it.  I just started sewing it together.  I did decide I wanted to two floral pieces in between the row, so i hacked a border on them.  When I got it all together my first thought was nice!!  My second thought was what am I going to do with that???!!

Borders, decided to make them wonky, 3 different sizes and 3 different fabrics.  It balances it but up heaves it all at the same time.  I like it.  I will more than likely make another.  I will want to quilt something when I get to sew along #21!!

Until the next stitch!


  1. Welcome to the Leah Day Quilt-A-Long!

  2. that grid is soooo COOL!!! it looks fantastic!

  3. have been very busy. I love your Matrix sample, that was stitched really beautifully. I also only decided to do the wonky block quilt last weekend and have just finished all of the blocks. I reckon it's addictive.