Sunday, July 8, 2012

What a week

If I was one of those people that do not see the good in things, I would have to say that this week sucked!!  But really, I do not look at things like that.  So this week has been interesting, and bumpy, but good.
After I got the Modern quilt finished this week, I set it aside.  I have been doing 5 block of the months and this is month 12 for all of them.  Finishing, I have such a hard time with that.  I should be excited to get in there and have something to show.  But I just find it painful.  Makes no sense, I know. 
Oh and just a warning my loyal reader, do not get your hopes up here, thinking she got it done and I will get to see one in this post.  Nope. 
But....  I did get out the large white Kaleidoscope of Kolor blocks out. They went on the design wall, and they look great.  I read the pattern, or so I thought and started sewing away.  Then I released that it is put together a bit different, but logically.  Having it on the wall made me go back to the instructions and ripped out the 4 seams that were wrong.  Then I was down to 12 seams to finish.  This is really going together.  The pieces need to be pinned alot!  I hate pins.  But I have continued to work away at it.  There were only 2 days that I did not do something on it.  So we are down to 5 seams, then decisions on borders.  I will share in 5 seams :)
I still have the free motion quilting bug.I attached my first 2 samples together successfully.  I plan on making rows and then attaching them together, so I thought it would be a good idea to know how to do that.  It went well.  3 seams on the machine and only one by hand.
I decided to make my swirl sample.  I should of practiced more.  I did the first 2 wonderfully, then I kind of lost the shape.  So I ripped it out, and I will try it again.  I have doodled it over and over again and now I think I will be ready, but not until that K of K is together!!  I did take a picture of the swirls that went astray.

My kid got his report card this week in the mail.  He passed, but that is about all.  Too many D's, but seeing he does not enjoy school (that is me being nice) it is more important to focus on he passed!  He gets $20 for every A he gets.  He got an A, in cooking/sex ed!!  I must say that it has been worth the $20 I paid him!  The teasing hasn't stopped.  I went to grab his report card last Thursday morning, and upset one of those bottles of oil that has the wooden reeds in it to dispense smell.  I upset it onto my modern quilt that had the batting on the back.  2 large oils spots.  I separated them and run to the washer.  I pretreated it and hoped for the best.  It came back out perfect.  I did not dry it, and now it needs a big haircut, but it is going to be ok.
I did get some mail.  That is another story.  I knew I had things there but they had told my friend the day before I did not.  I ended up going thru every piece of mail they had there.  You have mail there Shel!!  Anyway, I left.  My work texted me and told me to go back.  They had put it out front.  But here is what I received.

And here is why I ordered it.  It will be the last post about this fabric until this fall.  It is the retreat challenge fabric and I think I will wait to show off my idea.

My gardens have been blooming and doing well.  Here are some pictures

Yesterday we drove to Frenchville, Maine and the youngin pulled his 1950 Farmall C.  This is his second pull and the first time he placed with his own tractor.  He got the first on another tractor!

Until the next stitch!


  1. Sounds like a busy week, your FMQing looks great! The more you do it the more comfortable you'll be! I've been doing it for years but when I try a new style it takes time. Beautiful fabrics and I'm so glad the oil came out!

  2. Well...what a week indeed. I'm enjoying watching your maching quilting progress. While you are out tractor pulling, I bet there are lots of great geocaches to look for. ttyl M