Thursday, September 6, 2012

Leah Day mail and Janome Horizon

I got some mail from Leah Day.  I have wanted to order from her for a while now, but just got a couple of things.  I tried the Supreme slider already, and have even lent it to another quilter to test drive.  Leah Day teaches machine quilting on your domestic machine.  Here is her store if you too would like to order.

I sent a special quilt out to be hand quilted.  I also got it back.  I had marked a hatch grid on it, so I took this picture while wetting it to remove it.  Now just binding and a special label in order to get it ready for the quilt show in May.  I am glad I started this early so I can show it before it goes to live with a special little girl. 

  As some of you know I have been sewing machine shopping.  I had the chance to test drive the one I thought I wanted.
I landed at the quilt show with a spool of thread, and a quilt sandwich.  She was very very helpful, set me up and let me go.  I must of quilted on it for 15 minutes.  I was ready to leave and she starts telling me all these other features that I had no idea about.  I almost left with it, but I need just a little more money :)  But it is official, that is the machine for me :P
 Until the next stitch :P

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  1. I love that Sunkissed line of fabrics and the quilt looks gorgeous.

    The machine sounds fabulous.