Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Sewing machine

The neighbor next door to where I work found the strangest thing.  She came in the other day and showed me a 4 leaf clover!!  And then a 5 leaf clover!!  Wow.  We went in on a lottery ticket but only won the chance to play again. 

How are you all doing with the mystery quilt.  If you are doing it please share pictures of what fabric you chose.  I would love to see some.  I am making 3 and I have all of them cut out, so I am current :)

I got up last Friday morning and decided that it was a great day to buy a new sewing machine.  I had been saving for my new machine for months and months. Designed my own pattern, taught a class on the pattern.  All that saving and I almost had enough.  So I called the dealer, 2 1/2 hours away and away I go.  I got there and was there about an hour and a half for the demo on how to run it.  I bought her at Plourde's in Edmunston and they were great to me.  Encouraged me to come back and email or call if  have any questions.  I bought the table as well and home bound I was.

If I could only combine tractor pulling with sewing machines!!!

I some how got it in the sewing room, but I still need to clear out some room in there.  Oh I bought the Janome 7700.  Here is a picture of her. 

I can't get over how much bigger she is compared to my normal machine.  She is 26 lbs and I called her the Beast all weekend. 
I did some quilting on her.  She works like a dream.  She is quiet, strong and works live a dream!

 There are a lot of different stitches on her.

 And I made this last night :)

I am going to my camp Sunday.  We are moose hunting next week.  We got the camp opened up and the boys did some target practicing. 
Until the next stitch!!!!!

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  1. Go Beast!

    I also started a quilt only blog here: