Friday, March 15, 2013

Redneck Light box

I started working on a very intense appliqued quilt.  I found myself taping the pattern to my kitchen window.  I stood there and traced and traced and stretched my shoulders.  After standing there for a couple hours, I thought there has to be an easier way!!!  Light bulb lit!!!!
I contemplated ordering a light box.  The next question was where am I going to store that when I am not using it?  It was dark outside that night so I went to the sewing room and just sat there looking around.  I bought a new sewing machine a while back, and it sits in a table.  It also came with an extension table that I have never used.  Hummmm  So this is my redneck lighting box, available when needed, easily stored :P

Here is my sewing machine in it's table.

So I took my machine out of the table giving me this gaping hole.

I grabbed my extension table and set it on top of the hole.  That gave me enough room that I could easily set a 8 x 10 sheet of paper in the glass area. 

I then grabbed one of my OTT lights and set it under my table.  It is plenty bright enough for me to see to trace 

Here is a before picture:

Here is the after picture:

I got my son to come in and take some pictures for me.  He can be quite the photographer at times. Here they are.

Until the next stitch!!


  1. What a very clever idea! Love it!

  2. LOL! clay has a forked tongue :) no wonder those stories come so easily :) I think he's inherited some photo talent from his mom and grandad and you need to feed this talent!

  3. Wow. I cannot get over the amount of little pieces in that pattern....

  4. Great Idea! I'm going to try myself for Leah's Building Block quilt. Thank you! I don't have a sewing machine extension, but do have a plastic picture frame that might work - having it on the sturdy sewing table is great idea.

  5. Thank you again for this great idea - I modified to make it work for me. But don't think I would have been able to make the leap without seeing your post first! I posted here:

  6. Another Great Red Neck Idea comes to the rescue! Amazingly simple but perfect Idea!
    Which I am now using also you saved me not only time but $$$
    Can't express how helpful this was thanks so much!