Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crazy week, dogs & kid!

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Well good news!! Mom got out of the hospital Tuesday.  She is doing better than she has in a long time.  I think it was all those good wishes out there.  That is a big relief!!

Wednesday was  my only and favorite son's 13th birthday.  I dyed my hair to celebrate LOL
On my way to work I saw a moose.  I saw it and got ahead of it and got video and pictures.  I then put them all together with this new app I have on my phone.  As my blog suggests I love moose.  Here is the video I shot, with pictures and then more video.  My friends all say the way I talk to a moose is pure Janet :)

I got together Wednesday night for sewing with the girls, do no sewing at all.  Had a great chat with the girls and I really enjoyed seeing Red Quilt's new addition, Grace, in person.   Then, guess what I saw on the way home?????? Can you see it??

Saturday I got to spend some time working in my flower gardens.  Clay, the 13 year old birthday boy, was having his friend Ryan over for a sleep over.  They were driving the 4 wheeler around most of the afternoon.  I took Pink Pincushion's advice and downloaded Picasa 3 to make this picture of my flower gardens. 

 As you can see I have one dog that loves to be in the middle of everything.  This is Molly and I made a collage of her

 My other and older dog Indy does not care.  He would rather run away.  Here is what I got of him.

To finish off the week :( 
My son and friend comes walking home, no wheeler.  Apparently Clay was driving backwards too fast, turned too quick and flipped it.   So off to the hospital we go.  Clay has a mild concussion, yes they had their helmets on.  Clay had blood work, chest X-Ray, Ultra Sound and a Ct scan.  Ryan on the other hand, has a broken right arm.  There are two bones between your elbow and shoulder, he broke one of them.  It is a clean break so they sent him home with a sling and some pain meds.  Today has been quiet, thank goodness.    Maybe some sewing this week!!!!


  1. Love the dog collage...boy, Indy is looking old :(

  2. What a way to end the the hospital..hope yor Mom and the boys are feeling better....