Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Easy Schmeezy Pillowcase demo

I have been making a lot of pillowcases as of late.  I learned a really amazing and easy way of making them so there is no raw edges and no hand work involved. 

Fabric required to make 2 pillowcases:
2 - 1 yard cuts of two different fabrics (Its OK if they are not the same width)
2 - 2" strips width of fabric of a matching fabic

Take one of the one yard cuts.  Do not open it up (salvages together).  Square it up and then cut it 27".  Cut another piece 9".  Do the same thing with the other one yard cut.  CUT OFF ALL SALVAGES!

Take the 2" strip and fold it WRONG sides together so the right sides are facing you on both sides.  Press.  Repeat to the other strip.  CUT OFF ALL SALVAGES!

Bring your pins and head to a table big enough that you can open up the fabric full width. 

Open up one of the 9" strips.  Place it on the table right side up. 

Take the 1" strip that you ironed and place it at the top of the 9" strip, matching the raw edges.  Pin in place.  

Now open up the body of your pillowcase, right side down, and line it up with the cuff and strip.  Place a few pins in to hold it.

Here is a close up of one end.  It is ok if they are different.

Now roll the body up towards the pins. 

 Please note that I changed the cuffs in the pictures.  The striped cuff is the same as the dark blue cuff in the earlier pictures.  Roll the body up enough that you can see the cuff and bring it up to the pins.  Take the cuff and bring it to the pins.  Pin in place. You now have created a tube with all the fabrics inside and just the cuff on the outside.

Sew a quarter inch in the total length of the fabric.  Remove the pins as you sew. 

Now turn the tube inside out.  The cuff is on with the strip attached.  Press.  Square up the ends making sure it is square.  Fold the fabric so it looks like a pillowcase.  The strip will be on the outside (right sides).  Make sure that the wrong sides are inside.  The right sides are out.  Pin the long edge and the end opposite the cuff. 
Sew a quarter of an inch from the raw edge.

Now pull it inside out and press, paying attention to the seams you just made.  Take back to your sewing machine and sew those 2 seams again, using a 1/2" seam allowance or a bit bigger. 
Turn it back out and you are finished.  It's that easy!!!

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