Friday, October 26, 2012

Retreat pictures #1

Trisha did such a wonderful job catching moments as pictures for us.  Every time anything interesting happened you could hear the click click click of her camera.  She has a wonderful eye and we all get to reap the benefits.  The Saturday before the retreat I was making pillowcases.  The Antique Tractor Pull Club has a silent auction in 2 weeks so I made 2 sets of John Deere and 2 sets of |Farmall. 
I did actually get them all done before I left for the retreat!!!!  Trisha was running around the room taking pictures of some of the coasters.  My friend Shelly was teaching them that day.  Janet M did 2 and Trisha was taking her picture.  I told her I would hang on to one, thinking Trisha would just crop me out, but....
Ok I started at the beginning of the retreat. Here are just some of the pictures that Trisha took.
You should go next year!!!  Until the next stitch!!!!


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