Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend success

Well I cut out a new quilt project Friday night. I was lucky enough to spend about five hours in the sewing room Saturday and another three today. I am almost done!! Got all sashings made and will have all the rows done in less than half an hour. I am amazed at how well it went together.
Wonder why there are no pictures of it? Think I'm being a tad mysterious? You would be correct. I am doing program next year and one of the things we are presenting is a mystery quilt. I also wanted to make it bigger ( no surprise to my support group sewing friends). So not only have I made the top this weekend, I am confirming my math. I am impressed.
I also worked on my paint chip challenge. I was given three paint chips, had to match fabric and make something. I paper pieced a little something but just got the paper off tonight. Need to finish, but I decided how I am going to quilt it. Here is a picture of my paint chips and fabric. Dig that orange!

I am gathering 5" charms for another quilt that I am making with my Facebook group, The Sew and Sews. This is a picture of 50 of the background charms.

And last but not least. As I was almost home, I had to stop the truck and let the chickens get off the road! Really. Neighbors have free chickens!
I am lucky enough to be going to a guild meeting as a guest. I am excited. Taking good camera so maybe I will have pictures!!


  1. Great shot of the chickens in the road :) I'm amazed that no predator birds are in sight.

  2. You should have grabbed one for supper on the way by....technically they're up for grabs if they are off property lol!