Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Things I learn. Stay stitching

I have been quilting for what seams like forever. I usually think I know about quilting in general. Then I learn some new trick and I am amazed!! I usually do not finish my own quilts. I send them out to be quilted. Lately I have decided that I want to do more of the quilty things that I don't like to do.
A while back I heard a friend of mine, Mrs Red Quilts, do a talk to a guild about how to prepare your quilts for long arm machine quilting. She mentioned that we should stay stitch the body of our quilts before the borders are added. It was also mentioned that stay stitching before quilting will make it more accurate. Since then I have quilted a small paper pieced project. I was amazed at how the stay stitching helped keep everything flat.
Now I am having an issue with a quilt that has stretchy fabric. I stay stitched it and now it is solid. Amazing how something do simple could be missed by "an experienced" quilter!!!
Until the next stitch

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