Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dazzling Stars - Like a need a new project

I have this little facebook group called The Sew and Sews.  It started almost a year ago, where I asked some of my long time quilting friends if they wanted to do a Block of the Month.  It is called Kaleidoscope of Kolor and it is the most in depth BOM I have ever seen.  I knew that without some others taking this project on, I would never finish it.  We made 16 blocks on month, 52 flying geese another.  We are getting close to the finish of it now. Month 11 starts in June.
Here is a picture of it on a white background.

I am making this out of bali fabric.  I am making the big one (100") and a smaller version (50").  But I tend to jump into things with both feet.  Here is the quilt on a black background.

Yeah, it is gorgeous.  So I am making a big and little one of these also. 
So I changed the name of my facebook club.  Seemed that in a couple months the name will make no sense because we will be finished this.  So I renamed it The Sew and Sews.  Why am I mentioning this??  Because we are getting ready to start a new project.  I saw this quilt a couple months ago.  I am calling it Dazzling Stars, but it is really called Glory Bound, designed by Paula Barnes. You can find the pattern on her site, or click this link.   Here is what it looks like:

So we have started gathering fabric for this one.  I hosted a 6" charm swap in preparation for what seems like the million charms required to make this bigger.  I have adapted the pattern to make it a lot bigger.  It requires 144 colored 6" charms.  Here is what I have chosen do far:

And I have chosen 50 background charms so far.  I bought this from Keepsake Quilting.  They are beautiful.
I did a lot of work outside in the flower bed on the weekend.  I still have lots to do, but they are looking great.  I took some pictures.  Here are a couple.

Until the next stitch!!



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  2. So...uhmm, when you coming over to plant my flowers?? As it seems you have more time on your hands than I do :) So, I guess I need to get an invite to join the S n' S's so that I can start to work on that quilt too....

  3. Aren't they 5" charms????? :) I'm in my garden today too....I also did 4 blocks on my Craftsy BOM (I finally started it yesterday!)...ah, wonderful work, more play!