Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Month 10 BOM and fabric in

I am in trouble. I am making 5 block of the months, that's not the trouble haha. I am in month 10 of all of them. I posted 3 pics of my kalidascope of Kolor, and I have finished the last set. So I am current on all 4. The other block of the month I am making is a star quilt with my guild sewing group. I made block 9 of it this morning. I am attaching a picture.

So what is my trouble? I tend to not want to finish things, put it away because it is almost done. I love to start things, not finish. That may be why I am also know as the Queen of UFO's
So I have made a deal with myself. If I finish what I HAVE to make, I can start something else!! Sounds reasonable, right. So yesterday I was looking at fabric and came home with a lot of pretty fabric. I am attaching a picture. I love the gear fabric. So if I can finish one more block for the block of the month, I am diving in!!
So I have a question for you!! Do you make "deals" with yourself to keep you on track? What kind of a system do you use to keep from overwhelming yourself? Or am I just plain crazy for doing this much :)?


  1. Oh Janet.....the plan! What happened to the plan??!! brought home more fabric....didn't we just have a conversation about this the other day??? Then you go and put temptation in front of yourself and fall off the wagon :) I really don't know whether to laugh or cry for you LOL! As your UFO support therapist, NO you cannot just finish one more block then start something else! I'm doubling my support fee :)

  2. When I get to the quilting part, I usually put the work away and start on something new. I´m so behind with the quilting. I´ve told myself a thousand times, that I must finish my quilts before starting a new, but I dont listen to myself........:)

  3. Oh man, yes you are crazy! Only in picking things that have deadlines... :P

    Don't ask how many i have in progress. See? "In progress" sounds SO much better than UFO. Makes it seem like they'll get finished, right? ;)

    Yes, I make deals with myself. Usually no more starting a new quilt top - no matter HOW easy or who had a baby - until I do a major step on another one. That used to be "finish" another one but you see how that's working.