Sunday, May 6, 2012

Month 10 of my Kaleidoscope of Kolor Block of the month

I have been working on 5 Block of the Months, for 10 months.  I have a small Facebook group called The Sew and Sews and we have been working on a Block of the Month called Kaleidoscope of Kolor.  Here is a picture of the pattern.  One is full sized (100" and the smaller one is 50")  I am making 4.  2 big and 2 small. 

Month 10, I can see the end in sight, finally.  Now comes the hard part, I want to start more projects.  But I have made a deal with myself, get these done (and the other BOM that I am doing)  for Month 10 and then I can work on something else.  These will be borders.  So I have been in the sewing room working away.  I did get 3 sets done already!!

While I was working away my son came by and grabbed my phone.  He started taking random pictures around the sewing room.  Most of them did not come out, but I thought this was an interesting shot of me sewing.

 He also took this picture.  The Good Luck Green Flying frog was a gift from Aunt Tannie, she gave it to Clay when she came back Abroad.  He lives in my sewing room now, keeps an eye on my fabric!!  I think Clay is squishing his head!!

 I took a course at the Quilt shop last week.  I have never been very excited about machine quilting.  But I have decided that I need to work on the quilting things that I do not like.  So I took a beginners class last week.  I did not get much practicing done, but here is an example of what I did get done.

And  I also have this panel to practice on when I get brave and want to do more.

 Now as some of you know, my bills get paid because I am the Manager of a Pawn Shop.  Some of the things we see are with out a doubt funny.  This fella has his picture taken by me often.  He loads his hand cart with everything from entertainment stands, queen sized beds and what ever else his mother in law buys from us.  In this picture he has a table on the back, a loveseat and on the love seat is the legs for the table and a 32' TV.   Hope it makes you giggle too, til next time!!

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  1. Go Janet! :D

    Also - I bet you could fill a blog with pawn shop stories.